The Dark Arts of Percussion, Vol 1: The Wind Gongs of Willow Grove is officially released!

My new album recorded with only three wind gongs is now released (link below)! This was a very interesting project for me to work on, and I think it turned out quite well. Really captures the energy put out by these incredibly versatile instruments! I’d love to know what you think of it – leave a comment :) Also, what would you think of a live performance of this?


These gongs are extra-special because they were selected at Steve Weiss Music, the premier gong dealer in the USA. These gongs were chosen from the factory in the Wuhan province in China -BEFORE- any of the larger brands can get to them, and not mass-produced like some of the other larger brands. These are 100% hand-hammered and have the sounds to back it up!


CLICK HERE to listen to the entire album for free or download.