Check out the new piece that Jen Mitlas and I did over the weekend :)

Originally posted on A Pixel Notation:

Jeff playing tabla

So, my weekend for the most part was pretty bad. Between Jeff having a fever and throwing up all over the place and me dealing with my pain issues and end of the semester nightmares let’s just say  it wasn’t pretty. However, we still completed a piece of music that took us by surprise. I’m proud of the chord progressions and the way the whole piece flows.  Jeff and I utilize our strengths together and we’re pretty much unstoppable. We’re so driven by our passions that nothing can get in our way

That being said we’re going to officially start a project/album or whatever it’s called(NOT AN EP!!!) these days together. I feel it’s safe to say this track will make its appearance on there.

Everything you hear is original. If you like non-conventional chord progressions, string instruments, epic percussion,and more… you’ll dig this track. We both agreed it…

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