About Jeff

Jeff Willet is a different breed of percussionist and composer with a unique, focused sound, using instruments from all over the world as well as a creative drum set approach to make music that crosses genre boundaries and combines contemporary┬árhythmic, melodic, and harmonic concepts…

As a drummer and percussionist, Jeff has been involved with groups in many genres including but not limited to progressive metal, death metal, percussion ensemble, funk, orchestral, show-style marching band and drum line, and many kinds of world music.

Probably most well-known for his blisteringly fast double bass drumming and one-handed rolls as well as tight grooving fusion and world music-inspired concepts, Jeff takes the time to study each instrument he plays and learns to adapt certain techniques from each instrument onto others for interesting combinations of timbres, tones, and patterns. Jeff’s percussion arsenal includes cajon, tabla, udus, frame drums, jembe, dumbeks, berimbau, pandeiro, kalimbas, HAPI Drums, many small shakers and effects, and a drum set ready for any challenge.

Jeff always enjoys collaborating with other musicians and helping out other percussionists and musicians through lessons, blogs, videos, and any other way possible.

Custom compositions and drum/percussion tracks are available through this site, as well as any other musical services you might require – or simply enjoy the full audio and video streams on here already.

To contact Jeff, please email JeffWilletMusic@gmail.com

Jeff exclusively uses Vic Firth Drum Sticks, Evans Drum Heads and is endorsed by Sabian Cymbals.